I had my first surprise in Genoa, listening to Paganini during a guided tour of the Rolli. The second in Bergamo, amazed by the wonderful Colleoni Chapel. My favorite part of the country remains the North, while I have just begun to venture into the unknown South. I am interested in exploring with emotions cities known by name, but never really considered as they deserve.

my name is Patrizia and I write about my dear Italy

My name is Patrizia and I travel to GET TO KNOW Italy better

I enjoy discovering my country little by little.

All my life I have always traveled on my own, it has been the best condition to grow and develop independence.

The blog title is translated as “Italy City of Art” following an image of a huge city divided into myriads of different territories, each of them spreading a sense of unique harmony.

This vision links straight to my purposes:

INVITE you to consider Italy as a SPECIAL travel destination (with an historic background, flourishing arts and a spiritual legacy like no other country in the world) and engage in CONVERSATION with less what-and-where details and more room to emotions.

Do you have a story to share or more you long to know?

Are you looking for enjoyable travel content as a chance to practise the Italian language?

Or perhaps you also run a blog and would like to join forces…

These are all areas I intend to develop from now on, surpassing the common scheme of travel blogging, and employing a more heart to heart language style instead.

A bit of my BACKGROUND

Born in Turin, I studied foreign languages (I also speak German, Spanish and some French), and worked mainly as hotel receptionist and secretary.

I cherish memories of very rewarding community experiences in unusual places such as Iceland, South Dakota and New Zealand.

In 2011 I became full time caregiver for my elderly parents, and suddenly had to learn first hand to manage the house and the general living all alone.

After their passing, I moved to Florence to brush up on the classics and learn what I don’t know about art, history and literature. Not out of nostalgia, but to rediscover something of my identity that must not be lost.

Life in so well renowned a city is slightly different from the industrial North, as all runs more at human pace. I’m very curious to visit the South, and discover its ancient sites. But I keep in my heart a very special touch with the North.

In February 2020 I traveled a few days to Trieste, that captivated me to the point that I began considering to move there in the near future.


CULTURAL TRAVELLER looking for places to LIVE and TELL of

I love opera, classic novels and films, nature, what’s finest… On top of all: MUSIC.

Besides I am a Christian, and that means digging a way in a desert with a proactive approach and a strong sense of care. In short: faith amplifies everything I live for and work on.

Here I tell of my experiences and emotions a bit like the writers of the past, who filled books with vivacity of details.

How did it all start? One day I took a train… Just like that.

My eyes opened to a widespread beauty far beyond classic destinations.

I am now well aware of the legacy we are custodians of.

I travel at a slow pace and always on the wave of a motivation, be it an exhibition, a book … or the incentive of some more popular travel blogger !!

Looking for international PARTNERSHIP

My biggest concern for the days ahead is to CREATE VALUE that promotes territories for what they truly are and encourage responsible tourism.

Therefore I pursue the idea of a partnership at international level for CONTENT CURATION and DEVELOPMENT that base marketing on a STORYDOING perspective.

In truth


I am TOTALLY AMAZED how foreigners remain impressed by Italy

something we are NOT fully aware of! That is of great encouragement for me to go ahead investing time, energy and money.

It’s a pleasure, but also calls me to a COMMITMENT.

I take the whole project as a very serious opportunity to help my country, and whenever possible I also do volunteering (to mention an example: the FAI – The National Trust for Italy).

I feel the time has come to explore new ways to share stories and exercise togetherness.

I will never leave behind what’s deep, that something special linked to the name Italy that has proved to be of great impact nowadays as well as in past centuries.

I don’t miss the chance to see places, cities, nature, and art in museums, being fully aware that all is strictly connected with my identity as person and citizen.

I value what makes me feel involved in a way I did not expect.

When I look back to the past, travelling abroad has helped me rediscover the LOVE for my land and my language.

This is what I call True World Heritage, and I AM PROUD OF IT.

GRAZIE for visiting!

How do I see myself in the future?

No doubt: ACTIVIST of the Identity Narrative.

I’m also thinking about doing THEATER and joining the Digital Nomad movement.

Would like to engage? Let’s GO FOR A COMMUNITY !!

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Would like to help? GET IN TOUCH

Do you have an idea to share?

Would you be interested in blog-twinning?

Or would you simply like to tell me your story with the Belpaese?

I’d gladly HEAR!

Initiative is rare but much needed these days…