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my name is Patrizia and I write about my dear Italy

My name is Patrizia and I write about discovering my country step by step. My idea is to go further the traditional scheme of a travel diary, and employ a more heart to heart language style. In fewer words, less how-and-what details and more room to emotions.

I began travelling a few years ago, and only more recently I have started to develop it as a project. I want to open up at future business opportunities as content creator and web writer.

This English side is currently under construction.

I was born in Turin, I studied foreign languages (I also speak German, Spanish and a little French), and worked primarily in the tourist field. I cherish memories of staying in unusual places such as Iceland, South Dakota and New Zealand.

Then one day I became a full time caretaker for my elderly parents, and suddenly had to learn first hand to manage the house and the general living all alone. When they passed away, I moved to Florence, where I currently live.

All my life I have always traveled on my own, that has been the best condition to grow and develop independence.

I live a very dynamic life in cultural sense: I love opera, classic novels and films, nature, what’s finest… On top of all: music. Being a Christian, spirituality is also very important to me.

Life in a well renowned city like Florence is slightly different from the industrial North, as here all runs more at human pace. I’m very curious to visit the South, and discover its ancient sites. But I keep in my heart a very special touch with the North.

In February 2020 I traveled a few days to Trieste, that captivated me to the point that I began considering to move there in the near future.

I confess I am totally amazed how foreigners remain impressed by Italy, something we are NOT fully aware of! That is of great encouragement for me to go ahead investing time, energy and money.

It’s a pleasure, but also calls me to commitment.

I take the whole project as a very serious opportunity to help my country, and whenever possible I also do volunteering for the FAI – The National Trust for Italy, the most influencing organization to preserve our valuable heritage for present and future generations.

I feel the time has come to explore new ways to do storysharing, and especially exercise togetherness. I will never leave behind what’s deep, that something special linked to the name Italy that has proved to be of great impact nowadays as well as in past centuries.

I value so much what I realize it is a priviledge to see and makes me fully involved, even more I had imagined.

I don’t miss the chance to see places, cities, nature, and art in museums, being fully aware that all is strictly connected with my identity as person and citizen. This is what I call true world heritage.


I write at present in Italian, so if you speak my language have a look at my DIARIO DI VIAGGIO . I plan to increase the number of towns, natural areas and historical sites by 2022.

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